Ask Congressional Staff to Attend Briefing on the Right of Return

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, October 5, 2015

On October 15th a distinguished panel of community leaders, activists, and legal experts will hold a congressional briefing to address the decades-long struggle of internally displaced Palestinian citizens of Israel working to return to their homes.

The briefing will take place in 221 Cannon House Office Building from 3:00-4:30pm. If you’re near DC, please feel free to join us.

Please write and call your Members of Congress today and ask them to send a staff member to this important briefing.

You can look up your lawmakers and follow steps for inviting them to the briefing at this US Campaign page.

Iqrit and the Illusion of Law & Democracy:
A Case Study of Displacement & Inequality of Palestinians in Israel

Capitol Hill Briefing
221 Cannon House Office Building
27 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003

Thursday, October 15, 3:00-4:30 PM

The people of Iqrit, a small Christian Palestinian village in the Galilee in northern Israel, were forced out of their village in 1948, promised to return after two weeks, and have not been permitted to return to their homes despite a 1951 Israeli Supreme Court ruling, governmental promises, and Israeli ministerial committee recommendations. For the past 67 years, the Iqrit community has been united in a struggle for the right to return and has been engaged in one of the longest peaceful, popular and legal struggles for justice the region has known.

The story of Iqrit challenges not only the illusion of Israel as a democracy governed by laws, but also as a state which sees and treats its citizens equally.


Shadia Sbait, General Coordinator of the Iqrit Community Association

Ameer Toume, 3rd Generation Iqrit Community Activist and Student at Haifa University

Nadia Ben Youssef, USA Representative, Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel


Noura Erakat, Assistant Professor in Legal Studies and Social Justice & Human Rights at George Mason University

The Palestine Exception to Free Speech

Center for Constitutional Rights

Today, CCR and Palestine Legal released a report, “The Palestine Exception to Free Speech: A Movement Under Attack in the US,” documenting for the first time the widespread and growing suppression of Palestinian human rights advocacy in the United States.

As the US movement for Palestinian rights grows, Israel advocacy groups have intensified their efforts to stifle it. Palestine Legal responded to nearly 300 incidents of suppression between January 2014 and June 2015, each involving some form of constitutionally-protected activity. Eighty-five percent of the incidents— including event cancellations, baseless legal complaints, administrative disciplinary actions, firings, and false accusations of terrorism and antisemitism—targeted students and scholars on more than 65 campuses across the country. The report contains testimony from advocates who have been targeted for their speech and includes an appendix detailing more than fifty campus-related case studies. It calls on
university administrators, federal and state lawmakers, and other government officials to safeguard First Amendment rights and defend academic freedom. 

Read the report, watch videos featuring students and scholars discussing the backlash they have experienced, and find other advocacy materials at

Help us raise awareness about the suppression of Palestinian human rights advocacy by posting about the report on social media (using the hashtag #PalestineException).  Please also share the report and supporting materials with your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. 

For those in New York City, join us for CCR First Wednesday on October 7th where we will discuss the report and be joined by CCR client and friend Professor Steven Salaita! Learn more about CCR’s Palestinian solidarity work here and about CCR’s work fighting the criminalization of dissent here.

As always, we thank you for your continued support.

#SaveSusiya in the U.S. Senate Rules Committee Meeting Room!

Donna Baranski-Walker, Rebuilding Alliance, September 30, 2015

Yahoo News carried their story from Agence France Press:  Palestinians bring plight of threatened village to US  … it is running in the Times of Israel this morning too.   We're now heading to speak at Wesleyan University,  4:15pm in the Vanguard Lounge, 343 High Street, Middletown.
I want to take this moment to thank Senator Feinstein for sponsoring our briefing.  If you can, please call her office to let her know this was deeply appreciated, (202) 224-3841.  And a big thank you to everyone who called their Senators and Representatives on such short notice to ask their staff to attend!   We had a modest but attentive audience – we'll do our best to provide more lead-time in the future.

And what a room!   Senator Feinstein's office arranged for us to speak in the Senate Rules Committee meeting room with a huge screen behind us.  This time, our briefing included maps, graphs, photos of the children of Susiya with their Pinwheels for Peace and video of a home demolition in Susiya and another nearby.P1110576_2

Our team did a wonderful job presenting:   I spoke of the urgency that brings us to Congress now, of Israel's misguided High Court decisions which place Susiya at continued risk of demolition even while their appeal is pending, and of the June 9th decision stating there would be no Palestinian representation in the approval committee for Palestinian master plans.  Kelly Leilani Main provided an overview of the British, French, and Belgian-funded master planning process underway with Palestinian villages and Israel's policy of house demolitions, quoting the UNOCHA report, Under Threat: Demolition Orders in Area C of the West Bank.

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GoFundMe campaigns

for UW-Madison Students for Justice in Palestine
                  and Anees Mansour in Rafah

We have been approached about two GoFundMe campaigns that you might be interested in supporting.

The first one is from UW-Madison Students for Justice in Palestine. They are raising money to help send representatives to the national Students for Justice in Palestine conference Oct. 9-10 in San Diego, CA. If you would be interested in supporting that, please visit:

Help us go to NSJP conference by Amal Ayesh

The second request is from our friend Anees Mansour in Rafah, who visited us here in Madison a couple years ago. He and some friends are organizing activities for kids in Rafah, including a summer and after school camps. If you would like more information or to contribute to that effort, please visit:

Continue The Gaza Summer Camp by Anees Mansour